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Are you looking for a fast and effective way to increase energy and optimize performance? Read on to learn more about how the FastVitaminIV® can help you achieve your goals.


Intravenous IV Nutrient Therapy (IV Therapy) is a way to introduce vitamins and other therapeutic agents directly into the bloodstream to correct deficiencies, enhance immunity, increase energy, and achieve and maintain optimal health. The benefit of IV therapy over oral nutrition is that the digestive system is bypassed, which allows for greater absorption into cells and tissues. It is estimated that only 20–40% of vitamins and minerals taken orally get absorbed. By delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream, patients report feeling the effects sooner and with more effective absorption into cells. Additionally, in the setting of chronically impaired digestion and intestinal absorption, a person can become very nutrient deficient and IV therapy helps “bridge the gap” until the gut can be healed.

WHAT IS THE FastVitaminIV®?

Expertly developed by Dr. Craig Koniver, Board Certified Physician and acclaimed Organic Medicine Specialist, the FastVitaminIV® consists is a proprietary blend of B Vitamins, Amino Acids, and Minerals that is pushed intravenously in 45-60 seconds allowing for fast absorption into your cells, muscles, and brain.


Patients reports seeing an increase in energy, mental clarity, better sleep, better skin, better mood, improved work out, faster muscle recovery and an overall sense of happiness and well-being. Most patients find these benefits last three to seven days.

Beyond all the necessary exercise and healthy dietary choices it takes to maintain optimal health, your muscles and cells absolutely require certain key nutrients to work at the highest efficiency. With the FastVitaminIV®, you can get all these essential nutrients quickly, efficiently and without any concern of contaminating substances. The delivery of vitamins and minerals in a matter of seconds can make the difference between feeling better and feeling FANTASTIC!

HOW TO TRY FastVitaminIV®?

Call now to learn more about the FastVitaminIV® and book your initial consult today!


Dr. Greg Jones NMD

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