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What are Peptides?

Peptides are small chains of amino acids held together by peptide bonds and they are the building blocks of proteins. Peptides bind to receptors of cells and send signals that control the function of other cells and molecules.

These signals can lead to increased weight loss, muscle growth, pain relief, injury recover, increased energy, improved sexual function, increased digestive health, improved neurological function, better skin quality, and countless other body functions.

Peptide therapy can be thought of as the use of a specific peptide or peptides to treat a specific condition. Because peptides are naturally occurring in our bodies and very specific to the receptors they bind to, they are exceptionally safe and well-tolerated.

What is the Enovative Wellness Peptide Therapy Program difference?

Through personal experience, clinical results, extensive training, and discussions with many of the leading peptide compound pharmacists and practitioners, Dr. Jones has discovered that certain peptides properties are amplified, and more effective results are seen when they used together in certain protocols.

Enovative Wellness has developed specific protocols to improve athletic performance, weight loss, injury recovery, brain function and more. Other peptides may be added to these custom protocols depending on the individual and treatment goals.

Most of Enovative Wellness’s peptide protocols are designed to be taken 5 days a week. This allows the protocols to remain effective over time, as peptides are still susceptible to being less effective if the receptors they bind to are constantly being stimulated.

Most of our peptide therapy programs are to be injected subcutaneously, but certain programs may include a topical or oral preparation.

Enovative Wellness Peptide Therapy

To optimize treatment effectiveness, and improve achievement of their patients’ specific goals, Enovative Wellness has developed Peptide Therapy Programs. Here are some of our Featured Programs:


(strength and muscle growth)

This protocol is designed to improve hypertrophy, strength, and recovery from workouts


(Weight Loss/Fat Loss)

This protocol is designed to improve weight loss, lipolysis (fat loss), and body composition


(Injury Recovery and Pain Relief)

This protocol is designed to accelerate healing, improve injury recovery, and decrease pain and inflammation


(Focus and Brain Function)

This protocol is designed to improve concentration, focus, cognition, and recovery from traumatic brain injury


(Immune System Support)

This protocol is designed to improve immune system function and recovery


(Sleep Quality Improvement)

This protocol is designed to improve sleep rhythms and quality